Losing Weight With Cannabis

I’m sure many of you who read our website have tried a wide range of diets, but I bet you haven’t considered the cannabis diet. Sure, many of you won’t associate cannabis with losing weight. There is a stereotype of the “cannabis munchies” where appetite increases as a result of using marijuana. But, a recent report and study from the American Journal of Medicine believes that using cannabis as part of a diet is related to positive benefits for your metabolic health. The results pointed to the fact that those subjects who smoked marijuana regularly had lower insulin levels compared to non-users. There was also a reduction in the circumference of the waist of marijuana users.

The head researcher said that the lower circumferences of the waist of marijuana users still existed after the researchers accounted for differences in age, alcohol consumption, as well as tobacco usage. The cannabis users also had better levels of “good cholesterol”, more commonly known as “HDL”.

A new publication has recently been released entitled “The Marijuana Diet”. It takes the reader through the diet and the steps that they must follow in order to find success with the diet. The author of the book decided that after tipping the scales at 345 lbs that he had to make changes with regards to his eating habits. In the book, it records how he did with the diet, along with tips for dieters to use when taking part.

But what should the dieter actually do? Well, the dieter is encouraged to eat in moderation. Sounds straight forward doesn’t it? But, they mustn’t eat processed foods or raw sugar, take on plenty of water and try to eat as much leafy vegetables as possible. People taking part in the diet are also encouraged to exercise as well. So, where does cannabis come into the diet?

The author believes that cannabis can keep you focus on your goal of losing weight, as will power and belief is required in order to stick to the diet. In order to stop the infamous “munchies” from taking hold, it is recommended that you only take a maximum of 3 hits when toking.

High Levels of THCV Can Prevent the Munchies

What strains are the best for using with this diet? One of the strains we would recommend is Super Silver Haze and a strain called G13. Each of these strains have high concentrations of THCV. THCV is an antagonist that blocks the receptors that THC normally binds to. This in turn prevents you from getting the “munchies”. While THCV does have the same effect of getting you “high” like THC, it is very short lived. This is partly the reason why many strains don’t contain THCV, as many cannabis users want a long a high as possible.

For advice on which strain to use, you may wish to find your local dispensary by using the dispensaries near me tool. The dispensary would give you advice which is tailored to your needs.

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