A Genuine Cost of Hair Transplant under your Budget in India

The hair transplant procedure is the most important chapter of the cosmetic surgery that linked to anyone’s personality and their overall looks. The procedure involves the shifting of hair roots from the donor portion to the ‘No Hair Zone’ to return your natural look back in a very aesthetic manner.

The days had gone when it weighs the meaty cost and the procedure was limited only to the classy people. Due to the advancement in technique, expertise, knowledge and equipment now, it becomes easily available to all the economic classes of people in our society. The hair transplant is the single option to get back the original hair back with sustainable and natural results that a person look for in their life.

It is interesting to know that more than 75% of hair transplant surgery are being done in India and people from all over the world are coming to our country to get the procedure. What is the topmost reason behind is a raising question and we need to look at this with all the facts and features that are associated with our medical tourism in India. The medical tourism report says that the most selective cities for the hair restoration procedure in India are Jaipur (Rajasthan) and the capital, New Delhi. The hair transplant in Delhi is now being very popular and most selected option as there are a number of best hair transplant surgeons and Doctors, who is worldwide, recognized and accepted in order to give the most aesthetic outcomes of the procedure.

As far as cost is concerned, the cost of the hair transplant procedure is not as a straight price as it depends on a number of factors that are external or internally related to the procedure. Every clinic of the hair transplant has their own standard of price and tariff, which is widely affected by the reputation of that clinic and recognition of the Surgeons as well.

The index key of cost calculation is NUMBER OF GRAFTS. The number of targeted grafts for transplants is methodically calculated on the basis of recipient/bald area. The Calculation is not as easy as it appears. Only an experienced and qualified surgeon can perform this task after the complete assessment of the receipt area and available donor area to plan the proper graft extraction. It is important to understand that only after completing the various stages of assessment, a Surgeon can tell the exact number of the grafts and the cost.

The cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi, India, becomes the most affordable one as a selected destination for medical tourism, especially for an advanced FUT with Trichophytic closure, FUE and the combination of FUT+FUE hair transplant procedure.

Medical tourism in Delhi is very popular due to the rising costs of health care in the Western countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada and Europe. While many developed countries of the Western world have the government health plans in many segments of healthcare, but they do not cover the cosmetic procedures like the hair transplants.

Price Vs Quality

It is important to note that hair transplant price does not always correlate with the quality, especially when the technique is of FUE. What you must do is to research thoroughly before making a decision. Do not get a hair transplant simply because some clinics are offering you a good price. In addition, not every person is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. The results are largely irreversible, so please proceed very cautiously.

The Genuine & Considerable Factors for the Cost Determination in Hair Restoration

The Number of Grafts

The number of grafts or a follicular unit directly affects the cost of the procedure as the each graft weighs a cost and per graft, cost has certain charge. The per graft cost in India ranges between the Rs. 25-130 INR and this rate are just one-fourth of the cost of the procedure in the USA, UK or of Europe. This comes, at the most affordable rate that attracts the people from all the corner of the states. As much as the number of grafts, you need as the cost of the procedure determined.

A Grade of NW Class of Baldness

The grade of an NW class of baldness decides the cost of the procedure. The higher grade of baldness needs a greater number of grafts and cost put accordingly. If a person has grade VI of baldness and they wish for a higher density look, then the needed number of grafts will range between the 3500-4000 and the cost of the procedure will put according to their need and expectations. It is the class of grade VI baldness, when the people are severely worry with no hair situation where the portion of the crown, top and middle all are affected and there will be need a greater number of grafts to offer them an aesthetic output of the procedure. The purpose of hair transplant is to revive a younger and a 100% natural look. A hair transplant will be meaningful only if it restores a natural look and density.

The Recognition of the Surgeon

This is the most important consideration in choosing the best hair transplant Surgeon as well as the putting of cost for the procedure. The recognized and an accredited Surgeon has a remarkable value in the arena of the restoration procedure that is a token of assurance in terms of getting the most aesthetic and natural result of the procedure.


On the whole, we can that your first step is to set up the consultations with as many clinics and doctors as possible. Get a second, third, fourth and even tenth opinion. Talk to existing patients to learn more about the whole process and if you are looking for the best Surgeon at an affordable rate, then must think about the capital, Delhi once as it has a number of options in order to fulfil your desire and expectations for the hair restoration procedure.

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