5 Types of Teeth

You probably don’t really think about it very much but did you know that inside your mouth you have several different kinds of Clinique Dentaire Des Cedres teeth?  Actually, there are five types of teeth in the human mouth and we need each of them to function in a healthy way


These are the front-and-center teeth.  There are eight of them (four on the top, of course, and four on the bottom).  These are teeth you need to take that first bite of your food.  Typically, these are the first teeth to erupt from the gums, at around 6 months of age; babies get their set of first front teeth, to help them start eating solid foods. Then you get another set of incisors around the age of 8 to prepare you for your adulthood.



The four canines are the teeth that should develop after the incisors. These are the “fangs,” designed to rip and tear through more complex food. They typically sit abreast of the incisors (on either side) with two on the top and two on the bottom.  You first start to get your incisors around 18 months; the upper canines typically come in just before the lower canines.  Oddly, though, when you start to get your second set of teeth, your canines replace themselves in opposite order.


Also known as bicuspids, the premolars are necessary, of course, for chewing and grinding.  As with the canines, these grow in as two pairs. The pairs, however, are top bottom and not side by side. You have two premolars (one on the top and one on the bottom) to the rear of your canines, on each side of the mouth.


We tend to start seeing the primary molars start to grow in around 12 to 15 months of age.  Also known as the “deciduous” molars, these are eventually replaced by the first and second permanent premolars (four on the top and four on the bottom). The first molars, then, will erupt form the gum around 6 years of age (before you lose your premolars) with the second molars growing in around 11 years of age.


Also known as the “wisdom teeth” the third molars typically erupt from the gum around 18 years of age. These are the teeth that grow in the deepest part of the jaw (at the back of the mouth). Some people never develop them and some people need to have them removed as they can sometimes crowd the existing teeth.

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